Playoff Schedules

Sunday, Aug 20/23

**LOCATION CHANGE** – Please note that due to Beavermead 3-4-5-6 being closed for field damage, playoffs will now be held at EASTGATE.

Playoffs for U12/13 (2010/2011) and U14-18 (2005-2009) will be held on the morning of Sunday, August 20th at Eastgate. After the finals for each age group, teams will head to the pavilion for a short ceremony including pizza, medals/trophies and special awards (plus some handouts for players including DQ coupons!). This will be at 1:00pm for U18 teams and at 1:35pm for U13 teams.

The playoff schedule below is based on the standings at the end of week 12. Each team plays two round robin games. At the end of the round robin games, 1st and 2nd place go to Finals, 3rd and 4th place go to Consolation Finals and 5th and 6th place are eliminated. All games are 30 minutes (no halftime).

Points for Round 1 and Round 2 games are: Win = 3 pts, Tie = 1 pt, Loss = 0 pts

In the Finals & Consolation Finals, there must be a winner so any Finals/Consolation Finals games ending in a tie will be decided by penalty kicks.

Player sharing is NOT mandatory in the playoffs. Teams must have a minimum of 7 players to play and if they have less, it is up to the other team if they want to share players or not.

Scores/standings during the day will be kept by the league at the pavilion. You are welcome to check in at the pavilion to check on the standings throughout the morning.

**COACHES** Please ensure you check in at the pavilion at some point through the morning to fill out a team rating sheet.