How to remain a ref on the following year

Each year you will receive an email directly into your account from E2E ref centre on February or March asking you to write the test and follow all the steps. If you don’t receive that email ( they always send it but you might have changed your email or it goes to your spam or you overlooked it or you’re encountering technical difficulties) then you MUST do it by yourself and it’s simple: go on E2E refcentre by using the username and password that you registered on E2E with and check on your profile what you need to do to renew your membership ( just check your status and follow the steps). Remember that the fee your pay at this time is to Ontario Soccer to remain in good standing with them ( no club can work with you unless you’re in good standing with OS and you have to remember that the deadline to renew your membership with OS is March 31st of each year; after that deadline you can still register with OS but they will charge you a late fee and you can miss out on registering for different clubs).

EDUCATIONAL CLINICS FOR RETURNING REFS are NOT offered on line but only on site and you MUST attend one of them

Check them out on ECOSA’s webpage

Look for the icon ” ECOSA 2019 Pre-Season Education”

More details on ECOSA’s webpage but briefly dates below:

ECOSA Pre-Season 2019 Education
March 25th at 7:30pm at Eastgate Peterborough
April.8, 2019 at 7.30.PM Eastgate Peterborough
May.11, 2019 at 10.AM Eastgate Peterborough
May.13, 2019 at 7.30.PM Eastgate Peterborough

May.16, 2019 at 7.30.PM Eastgate Peterborough

To retain your status as a ref on the following year you will need to follow the instructions posted on OSA website or/and ECOSA’s website. These will be the steps of renewal usually requested in that email for all returning refs on the following year:

  1. Taking the on-line quiz
  2. Paying your OSA membership fee
  3. Signing the waiver;
  4. Attend one mandatory refreshing clinic offered locally and listed always on ECOSA’s website
  5. Only for Refs who are also members of the local branch and do rep games and have qualifications a fitness test is required ( our youth club does not require our refs to attend the fitness test as a mandatory requirement although if you want to feel free to).
  6. As of 2019 Season it is now Mandatory ( but only for Entry Level Refs) to take the RIS ( Respect In Sports) – small sided refs are not mandated yet to take it. You will know if you must take it or not because when you go to renew on line the E2E system will inform you directly.

Educational Clinics aka preseason or refreshing clinics: There are different clinics offered by the club, one or two per month, between January and May. You must attend only one of them. These clinics are free of charge; no need to sign up prior to it, just show up and sign up the attendance sheet on the spot to prove that you attended it. Although there might be some quizzes or mind teasers involved regarding the Laws of the Game, there are no pass or fail tests involved in the refreshing clinics taken on the site. Some clinics are titled: Small Sided which means it is recommended to but not restricted to Small Sided Refs. Any returning ref can attend any of the refreshing clinics offered.

Fitness Test: It was only introduced in 2014. PYSC does not impose fitness test however if you want to ref rep games for other clubs you might need to- check with whichever rep club you will be associated with. As recreational club (aka house league) we don’t require fitness test. Details about fitness tests for those who would be interested on attending one will be posted on E2E each year and guidelines will be provided on OSA’s website as well as directly from the rep club you will be associated with, if so you prefer. Bottom line is that if you’re Grade D5 or lower you don’t need to attend a fitness test for refereeing house league games for PYSC. If you’re D6 or D7 although you don’t need to attend for PYSC you will need to attend the regular fitness test offered via E2E in order for you to keep your Grade or to move up or to ref rep games. If you’re D8 or Grade 8 level then you need to attend High intensity provincial ref fitness test.

All the information provided above is courtesy of the club and myself. If you need to know more then you should visit OSA’s website at and click on the referee’s icon at the top.

Thank you,

Fevri Pazari

PYSC Head Ref