How to remain a ref on the following year

At the beginning of each year ( around February) just as it happens every year you will receive an email directly into your account from E2E ref centre asking you to renew your membership and follow all the steps. Even if you don’t or you missed it just go back on e2e refcentre using your username and password that you used for the clinic and follow the steps. To retain your status as a ref on the following year you will need to follow the instructions emailed directly to you that are also posted on OSA website or/and ECOSA’s website. These will be the steps of renewal usually requested in that email for all returning refs on the following year:

  1. Taking the on-line quiz
  2. Paying your OSA membership fee
  3. Signing the waiver;
  4. After that you might be asked also to attend the refreshing clinic that can be offered offered via ZOOM  or in person. Usually the list is posted on ECOSA’s website.
  5. As of 2019 Season it is now Mandatory ( but only for Entry Level Refs, D4 to D9 and higher ) to take the RIS ( Respect In Sports) – small sided refs are not mandated yet to take it BUT IT MIGHT BECOME MANDATORY FOR ALL REFS INCLUDING SMALL SIDED REFS. You will know if you must take it or not because when you go to renew on line the E2E system will inform you directly.

All the information provided above is courtesy of the club and myself. If you need to know more then you should visit OSA’s website at and click on the referee’s icon at the top.

Thank you,

Fevri Pazari

PYSC Head Ref