Indoor Information

PYSC runs an indoor soccer league from October to March at Adam Scott high school. Games are on Sundays and run in both gyms at the school.


Eligible players must be born between 2006 – 2020. Age groups are based on the year the player turns in 2024. The 2023/2024 season starts on October 15, 2023 and runs until March 3, 2024. There are no games on December 24, December 31, January 7 or February 18 due to holidays where the schools are closed.

Click HERE for the link to the indoor registration form. Some divisions still have spaces available. Please click the link for details.

Team and schedule information is released through the SportsEngine app. If you do not have the SportsEngine app on your smartphone, please download as soon as possible following registration of your child.

Click HERE for the 2023/2024 Indoor Soccer schedule.


With the exception of some slightly different rules for the U4-6 age group (please continue scrolling down for more information on U4-6), a quick overview of the indoor soccer rules are:

  1. Games will be played 6v6 (including goalies).
  2. All teams must play even numbers against the other team for indoor soccer (ex. if one team only has 5 players then both teams must play 5v5).
  3. All games are a straight 40 minutes with no halftime.
  4. All players MUST wear shin pads along with either soccer socks or track pants that cover the shin pads.
  5. No cleats are allowed in the gym. Players must wear running shoes or gym-specific indoor cleats with rubber soles. Players should carry their shoes inside before putting them on to avoid tracking in water, snow, dirt or mud onto the gym floor.
  6. The walls can be used.
  7. If the ball goes out of play (into the hallways, etc.), the restart is a kick-in for the other team.
  8. There are NO offsides.
  9. Substitutions are done “on the fly” at any time. As soon as a player comes off the floor, the substitute can enter the floor.
  10. We encourage goalie substitutes to be limited to one per game.
  11. Spectators in the small gym should line up along the east wall of the gym and try to limit any interference with the game. Spectators in the big gym are required to go upstairs to the viewing area.
  12. Coaches and substitutes in the small gym should line up along the west wall of the gym (across from parents). Coaches and substitutes in the big gym should stand in the hallways where the washrooms are.
  13. Spectators in the small gym MUST REMOVE WET SHOES/BOOTS. Wet outdoor shoes are not allowed in the gym. Tracking water, snow, mud, dirt, etc. onto the gym floor is a danger to everyone.

U4-6 RULES (2018, 2019 and 2020 players)

In addition to the rules outlined above about equipment, substitutes and spectators, these rules are specific to the U4-6 age group (2018/2019/2020 players):

  1. Games are to be played 4v4 (or 3v3 if one team only has 3 players, etc. – must be even numbers).
  2. There are no goalies used for this age group.
  3. Prior to each game, a coach from PYSC will run a 20 minute skills training session with the players.
  4. The second 20 minutes of the game time slot will be a 20 minute scrimmage led by the coaches of each team in conjunction with the PYSC coaches who led the skills training.
  5. There will be no referees for this age group.
  6. Two games will run side-by-side in the small gym (A & B).


Scores and standings are only kept for divisions that are U13 and above pursuant to Ontario Soccer’s rules. Playoffs will be held for U13 and U18 age groups during the regular game times for weeks 15, 16 and 17. More information about playoffs will be sent to coaches and parents/players later in the season.


More information about team photos will be posted soon.


On the last day of the season (March 3/24), following each game, medals will be handed out to the players.


You may request a refund prior to the start of the season, however a $30 admin fee will apply.

If you request a refund after the season has started, an admin fee of $80 applies ($30 for insurance, $20 for uniforms and $30 admin fee). After November 5/23 (4th week of the season) there will be no refunds at all.


Games can be cancelled for many reasons outside of our control including inclement weather, inability to access school gyms, etc.  Making up cancelled games for indoor soccer is not possible when utilizing school gymnasiums as there are no extra dates available to us.  We have built this into the schedule by creating an extra long 17-week season.  Make up games will not be held for any cancelled indoor games.  In divisions where stats are kept (U12+), a cancelled game will be recorded as a 0-0 tie.


PYSC often takes photos and/or videos of soccer activities to use on its social media pages and/or its website.  PYSC will not post the name of any specific player(s) in the photos/videos without the express written consent of the parent/guardian of said player(s).


To ensure fairness across the league, PYSC reserves the right to balance teams and move players to any team.