Reporting to the Statistician

As of 2017 season you will be reporting the stats on line. Stats required are listed on line.


Required stats:

Ref/ date/ field/ division/ teams – simply scroll down and click.

MVP names (first and last)- please print it yourself after you gather it from coaches when the game is over.


Required stats:

Ref/ date/ field/ division/ teams/ score – scroll down and click.

SCORERS Jersey # and number of goals scored by each one of them. ex. #4 (2) so player #4 scored 2 goals.

MVPs Jersey # which you will gather from each coach when the game is over.


Game report MUST be submitted on line by 9:00 am the morning after the game; for example, if game takes place on Monday night then deadline to report is 9:00 am Tuesday morning. If you provide late or incomplete report it will result in deduction to your game honorarium (see game honorarium for fees and penalties).

Thank you,

Fevri Pazari-PYSC Head Ref/ Statistician

Additional details: Game reports for cancelled and abandoned games.

  • If game was cancelled by the club then you don’t need to be on the field and you don’t report anything at all since you’re not getting paid anyway.
  • Only if you were at the park but then the game was cancelled by you as the ref on the spot (due to the weather conditions) then just submit the report on line and inform us that you cancelled the game due to the weather conditions, nothing else. If you cancelled the game BEFORE it even started then you will get paid half game fee in accordance to OSA rules. If you terminated the game AFTER you started for whatever reason (weather conditions, field conditions, incident, accident) then you will get paid full fee.