It is necessary for all coaches and assistant coaches to review the information and forms below and fill out the Soccer Coach Registration Form.

Step 1

Review the PYSC Volunteer Screening Policy

Step 2

Fill out and submit to your local Police Department the Police Record Check The form may be submitted to PYSC by email at

NOTE: ALL coaches must have a recent Police Records Check and submit the record check for review by a PYSC executive member.

Step 3

Complete the online coach registration below.

2024 Coach Registration Website: Click here to register.

Coaches are asked to note that the first team list in the online schedule is the home team. The second team listed is the away team.

The home team is responsible for supplying the referee with a ball. The ball must be the correct size for the age group and blown up to the correct pressure for that type of ball.

Also, if the referee determines that the field is not playable it is the responsibility of the home team to make the necessary changes to make the field playable, not the referee. For example, if the referee identifies debris on the field such as rocks and/or glass he will tell the home team and it is the responsibility of the home team to clean the field up prior to the start of play.

Step 4

Complete the Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders program.

Once you have registered as a coach through the link above, you will receive an email with instructions and a prepaid code to complete the Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders program. This program is a requirement of Ontario Soccer for all coaches. The program runs around 2.5-3 hours and is completed online at your own pace. It does not need to be completed in one sitting.

If the prepaid code does not work and you pay for the course with your credit card, please email us your receipt and we will reimburse you.

Player Fee Reimbursements

If, at the end of the season, you have completed the following, we will reimburse you the player fee you paid for your child to play the outdoor season with us (this is limited to one player fee refund per team so if a coach has two children on the same team that he/she coaches, they will only receive a refund for one player, however, if a coach has two children on two teams and coaches both teams, he/she will receive the refund for both players):

  1. Coach the entire season to the end;
  2. Provide us your valid police check; and
  3. Complete the Respect in Sport course.

*This is currently only available to head coaches and does not apply to assistant coaches.