Rules & Regulations


  1. Players eligible to sign with the Club for the season must not be younger than the age of 4 on December 31st of that year.  Boys and girls are eligible through the year in which they turn 18.
  2. When proof of age is required, a birth certificate, passport, or other evidence acceptable to the Board shall be provided.  The burden of proof of age shall rest with the player.
  3. A player shall register on a registration form provided by PYSC, pay the required fee, and be registered with the Ontario Soccer Association prior to participating in any PYSC program.
  4. Players will be assigned to PYSC teams and all-star teams at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors.  Players will nominally play in their own age level.  Only players that are deemed exceptionally skilled by their coach and/or the executive may be asked to play up one age level. This promotion can take place only with the approval of PYSC Board of Directors and the parent/guardian of that player.  Players who are physically disabled might be permitted to play at a younger age level if approved by the East Central Ontario Soccer Association.
  5. Any player called up to play for a competitive team game must notify their PYSC coach.
    If the competitive game is the same day/time as their PYSC game, the player must play for their PYSC team unless agreed to by the executive.
  6. Balancing Teams: The Convenor Chair is delegated the responsibility of determining which players are allocated to each PYSC team.  The Convenor Chair will attempt to balance the strength of teams within an age division and has the option to switch players at any point during the season.
  7. The coach is responsible for selecting a Most Valuable Player for each game and providing the player’s name to the referee at the end of the game.
  8. Cancelled Games:  All games will be played as scheduled unless there is a general cancellation broadcast on the Peterborough radio stations.  In the event that a game is cancelled, attempts will be made to reschedule it.  PYSC retains the right, however, to not reschedule the game and in that event will consider the game to be tied.
  9. Games can be cancelled due to conditions deemed to be dangerous at or during scheduled game time (ie, lightning, heavy downpour, or darkness) only by the referee at the soccer pitch.
  10. Practice Fields:  Please contact the City of Peterborough to book an available field to hold practices.
  11. Spectators are permitted to stand at the sidelines but must remain three metres back from the field.  They must also refrain from calling instructions to the players on the field.  Spectators are not permitted to run up and down the sidelines, nor to stand behind or near the goal area.
  12. Players are requested to keep out of the Beavermead Park Campgrounds.  They are not to use the washrooms provided for the campers.  Parents are requested to not park on the grass at any park and to remain on the paved or gravel areas of the parks.  Respect no-parking zones.
  13. Any matter not covered in these rules and regulations shall be judged in accordance with the PYSC Constitution.

Playing Rules

  1. Eligible Players: As stated in the PYSC Constitution only players registered with PYSC can play in any league game.  In the event that one team would default a game due to not having the legal number of players, the other team must lend players to make a legal side.  Teams that are short of a full side for a game may call up a registered player or players from a division that is one age lower than the particular team.  If players arrive late, making up a normally constituted full team, the player called up will discontinue play at the next opportunity for substitutions.  An example of a call-up would be to play a U12/13 on a U14-18 team.
  2. A registered player will be assigned to play for only one team in the PYSC.
  3. All team coaches and assistant coaches must register with PYSC and provide a police records check to be eligible.
  4. Players are to receive equal playing time during the games, to the extent practical.
  5. The club uniform (shirts and socks) along with shin pads and black or dark shorts, usually provided by the club, must be worn for all games. Shirts must be tucked in at all times.
  6. A team that does not have the minimum number of players will be given 10 minutes after the regular start time to field a team.  If the opposing team has more than the minimum number of players required, they must share players with the team that is short.
  7. Minimum number of players required to start a game:
    U4-8 – 3 players   U9 – 5 players    U10/11 – 6 players    U12/13 & U18 – 7 players
  8. Ball Size used:   U5 to U8 -Size 3     U9 to U12 -size 4        U13 and up -size 5
  9. Game Length: U5 to U8: 2×20 minutes; U9: 2×25 minutes; U10/11: 2×30 minutes; U12/13: 2×35 minutes; U14-18: 2×35 minutes
    Shorter game times apply for tournaments or particular field schedule requirements.
  10. Sportsmanship: The club promotes fostering respect for the referee and all players involved in the game.  An end of game cheer for the other team and friendly handshake are encouraged.
  11. Substitution: A substitution can be made on goal kicks, goals, injuries, and possession throw-ins.  Substitutions can be made only after permission has been given by the referee.  Substitutes are required to enter the pitch at mid-field.  Goal-keeper substitutions, including those made at half time require the referee’s permission.
  12. League and Playoff titles apply for teams of U13 and older.  League standings will be determined based on three points for each game won, one point to each team for a tied game and no points for a loss.
  13. League title will not be decided by using goals scored formulae.  If two (or more) teams have the same number of points at the end of the season, then the league winner will be decided by additional game(s).
  14. League and Playoff Awards will be made to winning teams of U13 and older divisions. Token Player Awards will be made to all other players attending the end-of-season awards nights.
  15. The playoff schedule will be based on the team standings as of August 1st of the season.
  16. FIFA rules apply for game play except as modified by these PYSC Rules and Regulations.

Team Officials

  1. Coaches/ assistant coaches/ managers are responsible for the following team duties:
    1. promoting respect for game officials and the players of the opposing team
    2. ensuring the well-being and appropriate conduct of the players
    3. ensuring that all players are aware of scheduled games
    4. ensuring that all players are properly equipped
    5. ensuring nearly equal playing time for the players in each game
  2. Team coaches are responsible for good training practices of the team.  The coach’s enthusiasm is a huge factor in determining player enjoyment of the game.
  3. Coaches are encouraged to take coaching courses offered periodically by PYSC.


  1. Referees must have a formal level of refereeing instruction.
  2. Referees must wear the correct uniform and be neat and tidy for all games.  Socks must be pulled up, shirts tucked in and appropriate shorts or sport-pants must be worn.
  3. Referees must report scores to the Statistician by 9:30 P.M. each night or, except under extenuating circumstances, may be penalized in the fee paid for that game.
  4. The pay scale for referees shall be as follows: 1st year referee – 1st level of fee scale;  2nd year referee – 2nd level of fee scale; 3rd year referee – 3rd level of fee scale; Level 3 referee – 4th level of fee scale. Those refereeing mini or five aside soccer will receive 1st or 2nd level of fee scale.


  1. The disciplinary process for a game infraction by a player, team, or team official will be handled in accordance with the procedures published by the East Central Ontario Soccer Association.
  2. Any member who consistently infringes the Constitution and Rules and Regulations of PYSC, or brings the PYSC into disrepute may be reprimanded, suspended, or expelled from PYSC after a hearing by the Board of Directors.  The member may attend at his/her discretion.


  1. Any member may request the Board of Directors to settle a dispute between members by submitting in writing to the Board the nature of the dispute and requesting a hearing of all concerned.  The hearing will be held by the Board within seven (7) days from receipt of the request.
  2. Members may request a Special Meeting in accordance with the PYSC Constitution to settle any dispute between members.