Referee Card Reporting

Referee Card Reporting After filling out the card but before sending it please run it by me first so I can make sure that it is filled out properly by club’s and district standards and then after I review it I will then ask you to send it to the proper channels explained below.

Yellow cards, red cards and blue forms – special incident forms are posted on our webpage however the District revised the forms lately so for the latest form (which you also can fill out digitally you should visit their webpage and download the form that you need and then fill it out.

The forms are listed usually at the bottom of the list as:

  • Match Official Special Incident
  • Match Official Caution Form
  • Match Official Dismiss Form

Note: As of 2016 Match Official is the new term used by CSA for the referees. Once you fill it out and run it by me for peer review then the form will be reported to Winston Ernst who is Director of Discipline for PYSC and when you do so please make sure to copy (CC) Keri Castle-Sedore who is the Discipline Chair for ECOSA. Here is how you can contact them:

Email Winston Ernst at
CC Keri Castle-Sedore at

Note: The forms must be filled out properly and sent within 48 hours or otherwise you will be subject to penalties delivered not by us but by the District (some fines for failing deadline for yellow, red and blue forms are $100 or more) due to the importance of timely fashion in such reports. Also as mentioned above although the form will be sent to Winston of our club, Keri from District MUST be copied on it.