Q: When will I need OSA #?

A: The OSA # will be needed in these circumstances:

  1. when you fill out a form.
  2. If you will be doing rep games you will need to write it on the paperwork.
  3. The following year when you renew your membership on line with OSA they will ask you for it.

Note: If you are a first year ref who is trying to register for a ref’s clinic you don’t need to enter OSA #. The system will automatically give you an OSA number AFTER you register. If you register for both (small sided and entry level) you will obtain the OSA# given by the clinic with higher qualification (so the entry level). to referee for.

Q: How to obtain the OSA# when needed?

A: Before the clinic: if you don’t want to do anything, you can just wait for the system to give you an OSA number as a ref (which would be different from your OSA # as a player) and that happens automatically after you register for a clinic ( it takes a week or so though). On the other hand you need to know that you can also carry the same OSA# that you have as a player or/and coach when you become a ref- that would mean more work for you though as you will have to take two steps: 1. Obtaining the number yourself from the registrar of the club you play for/ 2. You then will need to provide the host club of the clinic with that number so they can enter it for you in the clinic’s data. Details: You can obtain your OSA# by contacting the Registrar/ Administrator of the Club that you play for. For example, if you play for Cavan that would be Angela Pennello (angpenello@surnet.net ); if you play for PYSC that would be Gail Clifford (pysc@cogeco.net). If you play for PCSA that would be their registrar ( registrar@pcsasoccer.com) . Contact whoever you play for and get your OSA# if so you wish and then provide that number IF and WHEN asked by the host of the clinic.

B: After the clinic: as mentioned above, if your OSA# was not entered in the system by the host club ( which is the most common practice) then the E2E will automatically generate an OSA# for you ( your clinic’s host will provide you with that number as it doesn’t get installed in E2E till after a while after the clinic).

Q: AFTER I receive my OSA# what would I do if I forget it and I need it; how do I go about it to obtain it?

Well, the easiest way for you is to write it down somewhere as you will need it regularly however in case you did not then you can obtain it by yourself by visiting your ref profile on E2E system which will guide you however for your convenience here are all the steps:

Step 1: First and foremost, go on E2E ref centre


Step #2: Once there enter on the top left hand side your email and password to access your account.

Step#3: Once on your main page you can see all the icons on top page, all 9 of them, starting with Games on the far left hand side and finishing with Preseason on the far right hand side. You can check out your OSA# in two different ways: One way is by browsing under My Account- and then click on profile and you will see it/ Second way is by going on Registration and go down and hit My status and you will see it again.

• Games • Preferences • Ref Centre + • My Account • Profile • • Payment • Assessments • • Fitness • • Registration • My Status • • Pre season

So, I repeat that your OSA # is your ID (along with the password and email address which you have used as user’s name when you registered on E2E). It will be asked of you all the time so please make sure that you write down and keep somewhere in your files that info because when you need it ( it might not be till next year) you might forget and we can’t help you unless you help yourself. It is your personal responsibility to look after your own data and access E2E when the time comes.

NOTE: As mentioned above, when asked for your OSA# when you will be filling out paperwork for rep games or when you apply to a club and you have been provided with two different OSA # because you took both clinics (small sided and Entry) remember that guidelines from OSA are that you use the OSA# given to you by the Entry clinic when asked only for one number because that one indicates your higher qualification.

Thank you,

Fevri Pazari

PYSC Head Ref