How to make PYSC List of refs

Returning PYSC refs from the previous season(s) who are in good standing with Ontario Soccer and appeared on OS list by March 31st deadline will be re entered in the PYSC list . Anyone else who registers with Ontario Soccer after the OS deadline MUST contact me in person to request to check be added to the list and ONLY IF room I will see IF the name can be added. List of returning refs is definitely closed mid April. You can ref for other clubs.

If you’re a NEW REF to the club, then you need to apply to get in the PYSC List of Referees via the weblink provided in the footnote of this email but only after you read the information below

REGISTRATION for PYSC OPENS ON APRIL 1st and IT WILL CLOSE ON JUNE 30th of each year however we recommend that you register within the deadlines given by the head ref right after the clinic that you attended ( usually we give you 72 hours after you learn you passed your test to apply ). Training and guidance of the referees is organized by PYSC and its head ref. Our club is only one of the many in the District. You’re more the welcome to apply to ref for any club in the District: check out the ECOSA’s webpage with all head refs contacts. If you choose to apply for PYSC then please read below the rules, restrictions, protocol, fees and details. Please apply only if you’re interested, if you understand and if you will comply with the rules and protocol of our club.

Please note that hosting clinics and educating referees comes at an expanse to the club. Also, all your paperwork needs to be filed and put in order, including your status, payment and qualifications. For these reasons, most clubs and branches apply various fees. Our fees and the way they’re deducted are explained under heading “Game Honorariums” however for your convenience and to refresh your memory below they’re listed again:

  • $20 per all new and returning refs.

Please note that you don’t have to pay upfront (your fee will be deducted at the end of the season).

  • The fees are annual fees and apply each year deducted at the end of the season.
  • The referees’ list of PYSC opens on April 1st and closes on June 30th.
  • If you are a new ref, make sure that you have PASSED the test before you apply.
  • Apply ONLY after you have understood and read the rules and fees!

If you read, understood and accept the rules and the fees of our club, then please go to our link on our sister club PCSA web to register for PYSC.

Registration link:

The document that you will fill out will then automatically go the head ref Fevri Pazari