Game Honorariums

Game honorariums Refs’ honorariums are based on the age division you are refereeing, in accordance with the Ontario Soccer guidelines.

Regular Season

U4-U7:   $25

U8/9:      $35

U10/11: $40

U12/13: $45

U18:      $55

All Winners Fest/Tourney/ Playoffs ( they’re shorter games)
U5-U11: $25
U13-U18: $35

Note: In the odd case during the season we may need to assign substitute referees. If this occurs, you will be paid $25 for being on call as sub ref even if you don’t get a game, or full game honorarium for whichever division if you are asked to go to a game ( if you’re on call as sub ref we must be able to reach you in short notice otherwise you won’t get paid at all).

How do you get paid? E-transfer, once in September.

You will get paid via e-transfer only once per season at the end of the season plus a bit of time for us to prepare the payments so end of September the latest. In odd case when there are technical issues a cheque might be provided – we will provide you with the info as to where and how you can pick up your cheque. If you find any discrepancies with your payment, you should contact me within 48 hours after receiving the payment. After that, we archive the paperwork, and we may not be able to pay retro or if we do, we will charge $20 administration fee.

PLEASE NOTE: I only pay for the games that I assig on PYSC behalf. If you are assigned games by other clubs or other head refs, please contact the person that assigned you those games.


( some consequences are expected in rare scenarios)

Penalty fees will be deducted from your honorarium at the end of the season. Below are the details:

  • Late report to statistician in case of scores for U13/U18
  • Failure to show up for your game
  • Failure to confirm your game assignment (you have the right to decline it too but you must respond either way by the deadline of 6pm Sunday) will result on the game offer no longer available to you as well as you not being offered a game on the following week.

Administrative Fees

The PYSC no longer charges the refs an administrative fee, the club absorbs the fee therefore the refs don’t need to pay a fee at all to the club. Obviously you still have to pay other fees to other organization, for example your annual renewal membership that you pay to Ontario Soccer but as far as PYSC is concerned you do not pay any fees at all to us.