How to Become a Referee

Dear referee candidates,

Step 1
Available Courses

To search for upcoming clinics please follow this link

If you have never refereed and are considering to ref this year, please note that since 2020 registration for refs clinics for new refs is run not by the clubs but directly from Ontario Soccer, so people who are interested on becoming refs need to follow the instructions of Ontario Soccer directly from their website; the refs clinics are split into two parts: Part one: theory offered on line by Ontario Soccer and then Part two:  practice in person offered locally by District or/and clubs ( our District usually plan to host in person session here , usually mid to late April with precise dates and times to be posted by Ontario Soccer and ECOSA when details are finalized).
First step though for you if interested is to wait for OS page to be activated.
Each late February or early March the Ontario Soccer posts the info for any potential interested candidate online so please look it up.

To search for upcoming clinics please follow this link

To see clinics offered you can find the information directly at anytime on Ontario Soccer’s website including latest updates on their website under MATCH OFFICIALS icon.
ONLY AFTER YOU FINISH the theory part on line with Ontario Soccer than you  will do the IN PERSON TRAINING sessions which is usually offered locally ( you will know the dates because they will be posted on ECOSA’s website and ours but only after they have been established) and only after you finish both, theory and practice then you’re fully qualified.
Again, remember, you will get the information about the in person session after you’ve done your online training either through your District or through your club.
Thank you,
Fevri Pazari
PYSC Head Ref