How to Become a Referee

Dear referee candidates,

If you have never refereed and are considering to ref in 2023 just as in the previous 3 years due to Covid restrictions the refs clinics are split into two parts: theory offered on line by Ontario Soccer and then practice in person offered locally by District or/and clubs ( we plan to host ours here last week/end of April with precise dates and times to be posted by Ontario Soccer when details are finalized). In 2023 though unlike previous 2 years, the Ontario Soccer is planning to offer in person session at first and then the theory on line. All info will be posted and updated on OS so you will have to look it up.

To search for upcoming clinics please follow this link

To see clinics offered you can find the information directly at anytime on Ontario Soccer’s website including latest updates on their website under MATCH OFFICIALS icon. ONLY AFTER YOU FINISH the theory part on line with Ontario Soccer than you  will do the IN PERSON TRAINING sessions which is usually offered locally ( you will know the dates because they will be posted on ECOSA’s website and ours but only after they have been established) and only after you finish both, theory and practice then you’re fully qualified. Again, remember, you will get the information about the in person session after you’ve done your online training either through your District or through your club.
Thank you,
Fevri Pazari
IF it helps below and attached are some helpful steps:
Step 1
Available Courses

To search for upcoming clinics please follow this link

To see clinics offered within our District titled ECOSA search by that district’s name however since they’re online you can check any clinic under any District as long as it suits you.
Step 2
Once you click on the link it will take you on front page and once you’re there you can click under Small Sided clinic ( that is usually recommended as first step of new refs ) that allows you to ref players of age groups of U12 and younger however if you want to upgrade or you’re an adult that wants to register for Entry Level Clinic ( which allows you to ref divisions of U14 and older) than you click on Entry Level.
MOST of ref candidates go for Small Sided Clinic. If that’s your preference then please click on SMALL SIDED icon on the bottom right hand side of the screen.
Step 3
Once you click on Small Sided ( or Entry for that matter) will take you to the webpage that explains the process step by step and once you read it at the bottom right hand side of the page click on the icon NEXT.
Step 4
Once you have clicked on icon NEXT it will take you on the following page and once you’re there just fill out the form , answer the questions and follow the steps.
I would like to remind you that the clinics are being hosted and run by Ontario Soccer so the information provided is courtesy information and that’s the best I can offer.
If you want more information then feel free to visit information on Ontario Soccer or/and ECOSA websites.

Small sided clinics: (formally known as mini soccer clinics) are for candidates that are at least 12 years old by March 31 of this year (there are no limitation on older age). The clinic covers 7vs.7 games so U10 games and younger.

Entry Level Clinic: It’s for candidates who are 14 years old or older by March 31 of the year of the clinic and covers (9 vs.9 games as well as 11 vs. 11 games) so U12 and older. In some cases depending on the clinic you might be offered some Assistant Refereeing skills too.

For full details as to what the Clinics are about, how the qualifications reflect the ref candidate education etc. you should visit Ontario Soccer’s website under Referee’s icon.

If you have an account on E2E ref centre as Small Sided ref and you want to register for
an Entry Level Clinic ( or vice versa) you can NOT register for the new course with your
existing account ( the system will not allow it because it does not permit to use the same
password for two different clinics amongst other reasons), therefore you will need to
open a new account ( you can still use the same email contact if you wish under the new
account) however you can NOT use the same password.
You’re more the entitled to take any clinic you want wherever you want however just
because you got a certificate it doesn’t make you entitled of a position. If you are
interested to ref for any club, you will need to approach the club: be it PYSC, Cavan or
Local Ref’s Branch. You can check out the leagues that you want to ref for by visiting
their websites and posted on District’s web (ECOSA).

IF and only if you want to ref for PYSC then you MUST read the heading: “Becoming a
PYSC ref for this season” and then fill out and submit the form.

To conclude, we encourage all people, especially the ones who are players to try the
refereeing career. It helps to see the game from a different perspective, it will enhance
your knowledge of the game, your self confidence, and it will look good in your resume
when you apply in the future to pursue your education or employment. Finally, although
it is not to be considered a summer job because it will never generate to you that kind of
revenue it must be pointed out that it is indeed an honorarium associated with it which
will give you some pocket money to spend for summer or if you are wise with your
money you can put it towards your savings and if you’re young towards your future

Thank you,
Fevri Pazari
PYSC Head Ref