Getting Games

Our Club does NOT assign games through E2E refcentre so please be aware of it. I only assign games through my own system via PYSC-PCSA links on web. I only assign games for the youth recreational soccer. Rep games ( city soccer and other leagues) are assigned from local ref’s branch through James M. ( see his contact on ECOSA’s website).

PYSC Game assignment system

Just as players shows up on the fields allocated to them, same goes for refs. The club does NOT accept and does NOT accommodate any requests regarding preferred fields that a ref might be assigned. We have tried over the years our best to provide ( but we do not guaranty) a game per availability call ( AS OF 2020 WE WILL RECEIVE YOUR AVAILABILITY IN BI-WEEKLY BASIS). This year we have 39 games per week so 78 for 2 week period so we will have only 78 games in bi-weekly basis to assign and since we have more than 78 refs it comes down to 1 game per ref for each 2 week period that you provide availability for depending on the night and depending on your availability frequency. 

This 8 week season starts on Monday July 12 and ends on Thursday Sep.2 ( there is no AWT and Playoffs this year) with all games during the season from Monday to Thursday all at 6:30pm.

Availability window: There are only 4 dates that you will be providing your availability ( there are usually Fridays EXCEPT for the very first one which will be Saturday):

Saturday July 10 from 6pm-9pm ( this time is an exception; the remaining availably days are Fridays and different time window as per note below)

Friday July 23 / Friday Aug.6/ Friday Aug.20 from 12:01am- till 5:00pm deadline ( the link will deactivate in off hours and even if not any availability out of regular hours will not go through), so don’t leave it for last minute please, if you’re available (and only if you are) you submit your availability for the following 2 week (and only for the following 2 week) by submitting it on line (and only on line- do not email me directly as it will not be considered) through the link below ( when the link is live you will simply have to click on a drop down menu your name which will appear when you are fully certified including the in person training and the dates of the games available):

Saturday or Sunday – If and only if I have a game for you ( I will let you know either way) I will send you your game information via email. Sunday by 6pm deadline – you reply to my email schedule to confirm your assignment(s) using the link I will provide with the game offer. You must reply before 6:00 p.m. on Sunday. Failure to do so will result in the game being taken away from you and assigned to someone else and you missing out that week and be left out the following week as well.


Fevri Pazari

PYSC Head Ref

P.S If your availability changes between the time you submitted on line and the time I send you the game offers then you MUST inform me immediately rather than waiting till I assign the game and then telling me which would be hard because then I will have to remake the schedule. Also, please remember that your games are assigned to you only by the Club Head Referee.  You are not allowed to trade/ switch games or to fill in for somebody else without Head Ref’s prior knowledge and consent.