All Star Soccer

For young soccer players interesting in playing soccer, All Star soccer offers an opportunity to play at a higher level. All Star teams are created from players within an age division of the house league program for the specific purpose of playing a few weekend tournaments. The All Star team commitment is in addition to the players’ regular house league team.

The All Star team program is separate from the Developmental Team program being lead by the Peterborough City Soccer Association (PCSA).

What is the Commitment?

The actual commitment will be the coach’s decision. The expectation is that the All Star team coach would hold one practice per week and enter approximately three tournaments. Tournaments are typically two day tournaments with games both Saturday and Sunday. The All Star team usual begins tryouts and practices in May and may go until either late August or even September, depending on which tournaments are chosen.

All Star team activities are not to conflict with the regular house league program. Potential conflicts between practices of both the house league team and the All Star should be resolved between the coaches and the players. Games take priority over practices.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost for running an All Star team includes the cost of tournaments, possible practice games and uniforms. The PYSC pays for the entry fee for one tournament. The cost to the parents would likely be between $75 and $150 per player. This is in addition to the cost of the regular house league program. The All Star fee would be paid directly to the coach or team manager.

What are the Player Requirements?

Players wanting to play on an All Star team must be registered with PYSC. Players will need a player book which will be arranged by the coach in cooperation with the PYSC. For the player book, the player will need to provide a recent Passport sized photo (approximately 1.5 inches wide by 2 inches high) and will need to show proof of age.

How are Players Selected for All Star Teams?

Open tryouts are required for each All Star team after the beginning of the season. A coach may call individual players to invite them to the team.

Coaches may begin advertising for the All Star team when player registration begins.

Coach’s Requirements

Coaches interested in coaching an All Star team must pass the PYSC volunteer screening. To complete the Volunteer screening, All Star coaches must submit:

1. A list of three references (with phone numbers),

2. A recent Police Record Check,

3. A Coach’s registration form.

Police record checks for new All Star coaches must have been obtained within the last six months. Coaches are encouraged to attend Coaching Clinics, but this is not mandatory.


If you are a coach interested in coaching an All Star team please email your resume with qualifications to the Peterborough Youth Soccer Club at or call and leave a message at 705-743-0482. Ideally, we would like to have All Star teams in each age division U8 and up.

If you are a player and would like to play on an All Star team, look on the PYSC website or in the schedule booklet to see if there is information for a team in your age division. If there is a team, there should be contact information for the coach.